Apple Computers – Recommended by Mathis IT Consulting

We all love Apple… partly because they are masters of perceived value and partly because they have taken on the overwhelming task of narrowing every task down to a select few very powerful solutions. For the iPhone that means that it simply works so intuitively, that from the least tech savvy to the IT professional it offers a very enjoyable, usable and powerful experience. Despite the now large array of other great smart phones the iPhone is consistently the most enjoyable problem free simple smart phone available.

As for Macintosh computers, they have slowly begun taking over the hearts of Americans positioning themselves as the only option in many schools for the students and slowly they are making their way into the business space.

What we like about Apple

  • They offer the best hardware across the board
  • You are never forced to reinstall the OS clean on day one (like most PC’s)
  • They allow average people to do extraordinary things out of the box
  • You can dual boot them with Windows and it combines the advantages of both operating systems

A couple of things to keep in mind with Apple

  • They fall short in the medium to large business environments. We have administered several large Mac-only and mixed Mac and PC networks and it quickly becomes apparent that performing group policy type tasks can be challenging. For example, when pushing printer drivers to all machines we quickly run into walls that need to be solved through 3rd party tools like Casper.
  • They have yet to solve basic business mail needs like using your own domain name with your iCloud email account.
  • You still can’t order a MacBook Pro with a built in Broadband card

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