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Over six years ago Mathis Consulting was founded in the Temecula Valley to provide the highest level of computer support available to local small and medium business in the area.  They have grown to 80+ networks and 400+ computers building a strong reputation for giving customers the tools necessary to maximize profits through technology.  Recently it has become necessary to re-evaluate their business processes to make sure they leverage the best tools to get that job done.

As a result, one gaping hole in the strategy was discovered, the need to become pro-active in monitoring and pushing out updates/fixes to keep the growing customer base running as smooth as possible (not just fixing things after they break).

A clear solution to this problem,

The answer is to leverage MSP tools to deploy these monitors, updates & fixes…  But the challenge at hand is how to incorporate that into a business model that takes pride in being separated from re-selling products and services.

In the past, they attempted to use a similar solution while only billing the customer for the time tool was used, but this proved to be quite problematic.  It was too time-consuming to track and bill for time that applied to the benefit of many customers and the tool itself was becoming too expensive due to the number of clients.

What is this going to look like?

So the solution they landed on was to charge a monthly fee per desktop or server (about 1/4 of the average MSP cost) to pay for the cost of the tool as well as the time needed to manage the tool.  The goal is to effectively make the cost a wash by eliminating problems that would otherwise have require a service call.  Also, the solution will free up Mathis Consulting to respond more rapidly when situations come up that require a timely response.

When will it be ready?

The MSP tools is up and running now, several customers are already setup, and the rest of our current clients should be fully deployed over the upcoming months!  We are excited to see the ways it improves the overall service.

Aside from this adjustment of strategy, Mathis Consulting intends to continue to do business the same way that you have come to know and love.  Please Call if you have any questions:


A good friend and network admin at several local schools turned me on to “Meraki”, a cloud managed network hardware and system solution.  I began using the free mobile device management solution to remotely manage computers phones and tablets… and eventually after drinking enough of the “cool-aid” I began implementing Meraki hardware.

Meraki was founded by some guys at MIT and purchased in December 2012 by Cisco and has been gaining market share as IT professionals realize what it is.  The interesting thing is that Cisco has been the big name in networking for a long time but they almost always offered the most difficult to configure hardware of any network hardware company and Meraki is the polar opposite. [Read more…]

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