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Mathis Consulting LLC is now open in Kyle TX

In 2012 Mathis Consulting I founded in the Temecula Valley to provide the highest level of computer support available to local small and medium businesses in the area and I succeeded.  We then became a full Managed Service Provider in 2017 as we had outgrown the break-fix model.  Now partly as a result of all the chaos of 2020, and our desire to help my brother with a church plant we decided to expand into Kyle Texas.

We will continue to fully support our customers in Sothern CA and my son James Mathis will be taking care of the onsite support while I work alongside the rest of our team in providing remote support.  The company is now reformed as an S Corp, Mathis Consulting LLC.

Where is Kyle Texas?

We are about 15 minutes south of Austin (20 minutes from the Austin international airport)

We are located right off the 35 freeway literally near everything.  The weather was supposed to a bit hot and humid but so far it is amazing… the food is incredible and people love America… so far we really love Texas.

How often will you be in California?

Given that my two oldest boys are still in Murrieta probably as often as I can.  The current plan is to visit about once per quarter but I am available within a day if something major comes up.

What can we do to help?

Aww so glad you asked.  We really need a few solid reviews on the new local pages to get them up and running strong.

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Thanks for all your support!

Mike Mathis

When Microsoft, Apple or Linux release a new operating system (OS) they are balancing the need to be new and innovative, improve security and expand the feature set while at the same time having to maintain a user experience that is similar enough to the last version that consumers don’t have to relearn everything just to use their computer. [Read more…]

I’ve had the privilege of providing computer support and computer training for several truly successful individuals in various industries. With each encounter I try to learn what each of them has in common. I’ve observed that successful people have a clear understanding of who they are, including their strengths and weaknesses. And they are always willing to hire experts to ensure important tasks are completed correctly, especially in areas where they are personally limited or inexperienced.

[Read more…]

In part one (A Clear Understanding of Virus Protection: Part 1) we reviewed how viruses are delivered and installed. Now to the solutions.

Preventing Computer Viruses and Malware

Now that you understand the problem, the solution can be quite simple.

The answer is to create a single administrator user with a password on the computer, and make your user a standard account. This will make you stop to type in that administrator password before any major computer change, program installation or update. [Read more…]

For years computer professionals have been teaching people what to be afraid of, how to avoid disaster and how to keep things running smoothly. The problem comes when a little mis-information or an unimportant practice spreads across the entire industry.

The issues and solutions surrounding computer viruses and overall performance are probably the most commonly misunderstood computer problems that affect almost everyone.

The most important steps to avoiding viruses include:

  1. Understand how they are most commonly installed
  2. Learn how they are delivered to you
  3. Take measures to prevent virus infection [Read more…]

email syncing and comparison

In the world of email, the two most common protocols are POP3 and IMAP, while both are very useful tools for solving a piece of the email puzzle, they are not very effective as the foundation for your solution.

If you find yourself deleting and organizing the same emails on each of your computers or devices separately, OR you can no longer access an email from a second computer once it is downloaded on the first, you are probably using POP3.

If you have an exact match of your emails & email folders on multiple computers and devices but calendars and contacts do not sync you are most likely using IMAP. [Read more…]

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