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Computer Data Backup Services, Backup Management, Automatic Backup and Recovery in Temecula, Murrieta and Beyond

Computer Data Backup Services, Backup Management, Automatic Backup and Recovery in Temecula, Murrieta and Beyond

Backup Management, File Sharing and File Syncing

Backups and file sharing have come a really long way… In the past, most people used a local server to store files and tapes to make backups, (taking a tape home represented your offsite backup). Now, local backups are usually synced to live hard drives and computers, which are instantly available. Offsite data backup services are performed instantaneously as you work with multiple versions of each file.

For file sharing and syncing we can now use services like Sky Drive, Google Drive, Dropbox,, SugarSync, Bit Torrent Sync and others to keep multiple computers perfectly matched up, while securely sharing and collaborating on documents and files.

The importance of data backup…it’s not an option

It’s not surprising that business owners are risk takers. They are willing to step out on their own and create a business. But some risks are not worth the cost. If all of your data was gone this morning how much would you pay to get it all back? How quickly would you need it all back?

We have seen many businesses wait until it is too late and the costs are damaging. Take the time now to prepare your business with solutions and services that will protect you and keep you stable.

Backup solutions for small business

Businesses store data in many different places and it is very important to evaluate your individual workflow to make sure you have a backup strategy that protects you regardless of the disaster.

The most common disasters in your business are not catastrophic fires or theft, but the “helpful employee” who accidentally destroys and saves over your Excel template or deletes the file share. When you have the correct measures in place to backup all of your data with file versioning, we are able to recover the last good version of the file or folder. The end result is that you are back to work.

Call for specific information on a backup solution for your small business: 951-440-7600.

The lines can get a little blurry concerning backups, file shares, and file syncing between multiple computers.

Let’s take a very general look at some of the available solutions.

  • CrashPlan – Automatic online backup and local backups, file versioning (Recover multiple past versions of a file), CrashPlan is very powerful if you simply need backups.
  • Bit Torrent Sync – Simple secure cross platform sync of any size of files and folders.
  • Sky Drive, Google Drive, iCloud – File sharing & syncing, (everything is stored in the cloud in addition to local computers) Online collaboration, Online Office Suite and backup (these act like a backup without versioning).
  • Dropbox, SugarSync, Egnyte – File sharing, file syncing and cloud storage with file versioning.
  • – Secure file and folder sharing that complies with health and finance security standards, offsite backup and file versioning. Can also be used as a computer backup service.

While each of these file sharing and offsite data backup services has a great use case, none of them is the best at everything, so we need to address the specific needs and requirements of each user separately and then use the best tools for the job.

FAQs : Common Questions Related to Data Backups, File Sharing, Backup Management and Support

Can you setup a file/folder sync that is not stored on a cloud server?

Yes, some services support a directly encrypted sync that doesn’t ever get stored on a server. While others never allow your data to be stored unencrypted, so even with a government order they have no ability to access or share your data.

Are there specific services for sharing and backing up pictures and videos?

Yes… and it’s a long list, including Phanfare, Picasa, YouTube (now unlimited for free), Flicker, Vimeo, Sky Drive, iCloud and many more.

Do you set up these solutions any differently than the average user?

Yes, we frequently use solutions in unconventional ways to meet your specific needs.

Do you offer data recovery services?

Yes, we offer data recovery services on hard drives for deleted or lost files.

Do you support other solutions for backups?

Yes, we will support Carbonite, Mozy, etc. if you prefer them. However, we will encourage you to use services that don’t cause your computer to run more slowly.

Can a crashed hard drive be recovered?

Yes, but it can be very expensive, sometimes thousands of dollars. It can also be painfully ineffective because you don’t always get the file names and folder structure back (just a mess of thousands of unnamed files). Considering the fact that you can get unlimited offsite backups on 10 computers for $9 per month it should not be a difficult choice.


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