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Computer Virus Removal, Clean Up, Prevention and Support in Temecula, Murrieta and Beyond

Computer Virus Removal, Clean Up, Prevention and Support in Temecula, Murrieta and Beyond

Virus Support, Removal and Prevention for business and personal computers

Need help with virus removal or malware removal?

We can help get you back up and running today better than when you originally purchased your computer.  Our Microsoft computer virus removal is successful 100% of the time giving you the best long-term solutions possible without losing your files or settings.

Most computers are shipped with a variety of bloatware programs that slow down your computer and give you endless update prompts.  Our streamlined process of imaging your computer clean with Windows while preserving all of your data will make it fast and stable.

Our computer virus clean-up is consistent giving you the best possible system free from any threat of a virus, malware, adware or bloatware.

Call to ask us about our computer virus removal service 951-440-7600.

The historical purpose of antivirus software.

Antivirus was initially invented to protect you from the lack of security in your operating system and network setup.  In the early days of Microsoft virus removal, the easiest way to attack a computer was through the gaping holes in network and operating system security.  Around the time Windows 2000/XP came out it became easier to exploit the end user.

From XP to Windows 8 hackers have focused the most attention on tricking end users into installing software that contains viruses, malware and adware.

This shift in strategy by hackers was successfully defeated when Windows Vista came out. Microsoft solved this gaping hole in security and virus protection by creating the user access control layer (UAC). Unfortunately most users don’t understand how to use the UAC.

Proper user setup makes all the difference

The best possible measures to protect you so you will never need computer virus removal again are simple.  We can help you configure your Windows user permissions and the UAC in a way that is more effective than any antivirus software on the market.

Computer hardware manufacturers keep making deals with antivirus companies to pre-install or give consumers “free protection” that in most cases is worse than a virus. This fear-based model continues to make money while the real threat from user permissions is never solved.

Our approach combined with the free minimalistic Microsoft Security Essentials is a great long-term solution that won’t slow down or break your computer.  We have seen it work on thousands of computers that simply don’t get viruses.

For an in depth look into our Microsoft computer virus strategy go to:

Call 951-440-7600 today for a free assessment of you’re slow or virus infected computers and get a quote for our computer cleanup and computer virus removal services.

What is the right reason to use anti-virus/anti-malware software on personal and business computers?

While we would generally never consider using Norton, Symantec, McAfee, Kaspersky, Avast, AVG, malware bites and many other processor heavy security suites, we still install some basic protection like Microsoft Security Essentials and in some cases more aggressive server protection for several reasons. 

  1. It will lower the odds of passing on a virus to someone else.
  2. It helps as we move your data back in, to see the location of past viruses.
  3. In a business where the attacker may be on the inside or information warrants protection from focused attacks from other companies.

We cannot assume that everyone we contact and do business with is configured optimally, so it is best if we take measures to detect if something bad floats by.  In addition not all situations call for the same security measures.  When we are addressing a company that has a serious risk of information theft from the inside and or outside it is necessary to take much more aggressive measures.

Call us today if you would like to get a comprehensive security or risk assessment of your small to medium business 951-440-7600.

FAQs : Common Questions Related to Computer Virus Removal, Prevention, Service and Support

Should I try running one of those tools that claim to speed up my computer?

No, not unless you don’t care about the stability of your computer.  America loves a cheap, quick fix pill, but in this case you are risking breaking the functionality of your computer in all kinds of ways. That “free tool that deletes thousands of unnecessary registry keys and temporary files while having an immediate positive impact on the speed of your computer” will in many cases break your operating system and cause updates to fail.

What is the worst kind of virus?

The worst virus, hands down, is the virus that you can’t see… these are the tools that hackers generally use to steal your information, identity and organize attacks using large groups of infected computers.

Why don’t you offer a quick scan/cleanup like other computer virus removal services?

Viruses usually come packaged together with many other viruses and even when it looks like all of the viruses are totally removed the most dangerous ones (like the blue pill variety) are often still running silently in ways that you can’t detect or see in the task manager. It is too risky to assume a computer is actually clean without performing a fresh install of windows.

Are there ways to proactively protect from identity theft and credit card fraud?

Yes, several very powerful tools are available, including:

  • and 1Password help you set and access secure passwords on all of your online accounts.
  • and give you control over the use of your SSN and bank accounts as well as credit monitoring and a one million dollar identity theft insurance policy.
  • Most banks will provide you with credit card limit features if you ask. These require you to specifically authorize larger transactions by phone or text, preventing a thief, employee or family member from running up a large bill without your consent.


We want to purchase a new computer. How do I avoid the bloated mess of software that comes with it?

Call us and we can help you choose the right computer to meet your needs and then give you a clean image of windows before you start using it.

Can I purchase a computer that doesn’t have a mess of third party software?

Yes, If you purchase an Apple computer, a Chrome Book or Microsoft Surface Pro, or some of the high end computers ($2500 and up) they will not need a clean install of Windows.

If you have more questions or you are experiencing unstable computer issues give us a call 951-440-7600.


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