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Network Mapping, Setup and Network Security, Support in Temecula, Murrieta and Beyond

Our process of applying quality network consulting to your business or home in a way that promotes simplicity and peace of mind.

Network Mapping

Network mapping is often the most important first step when we come into a business because it gives us clear visibility into the pre-existing equipment and methodology that was used. Once we have a solid network map (including hardware and network settings) the process of ongoing support immediately becomes more intuitive and effective.

For our computer network consultants the process of creating a network map begins with documenting each piece of hardware like printers, routers, workstations, etc. that are involved. We then document the settings on routers, servers and managed network equipment (like smart switches and firewalls). Once we have all of the documentation we complete the network mapping by creating a clear single page graphical layout of the network.

With the completed network map we immediately uncover any issues that need to be solved and end up with an incredible tool that can be used as we interface with vendors and support in addition to dramatically helping us support your business.

Contact us today for a free estimate on mapping your network.

Managed network services – servers and workstations in your home and business

We are excited to offer a great fixed cost solution for managed backups & updates.  Rather than taking the role of putting out fires without any regard to planning ahead, Mathis Consulting prefers to take a pro-active role in keeping computers securely monitored and up to date.

In many cases with our managed network services we will know before you do if your servers are offline or the wireless network services are down after hours. We will have the opportunity to bring them back up before you even experience the problem.

Contact us today for a free estimate on fully managed network services, computer and server maintenance including backups.

Network Services for Business and Home Networks

We support home and small to medium business networks – Most of the computer network support we provide is for small to medium businesses but we do offer home network services as well.

Internet content filtering is a big deal whether you have kids, employees or students. We use solutions like OpenDns, DansGuardian and Microsoft Family Safety which are free from monthly charges (or if necessary paid services like K9) and effectively filter or monitor based on your personal areas of concern. 

In businesses implementing Internet traffic monitoring along with an acceptable use policy can promote productivity.  In some cases, it can be necessary to block social networks and streaming services that may cause issues with the companies Internet connection. However, most of the time when employees sign an acceptable use policy and are made aware of the employers ability to see web traffic they will stop misusing the work network.

More often than not we find that computer network consultants will force a large business model on a small business, and the result looks like a network with 3-5 computers running on Active Directory using a local Exchange server. The problem with that is that the company is now footing the bill for server updates, backups and maintenance, along with security considerations.  In most cases, you can use hosted Exchange with Office365 and simple file sharing tools like SkyDrive, Dropbox or simple local file shares… let the router handle the DHCP and sell the server on eBay.

The root of this problem is that the companies who provide network consulting services and computer network support will always make more money when they drop a server into your office.

If you are interested in working with computer network consultants that keep your best interest in mind give us a call today 951-440-7600.

Network Security for Business and Home Networks

In the case of our financial, medical, store front and insurance clients our computer network consultants frequently work with security concerns related to HIPPA, PCI and ISO compliance for sharing, storing or destroying data without compromising the business’ best effort to protect the privacy of their customers.

Common computer network security issues that we run into in the Temecula, Murrieta, and Menifee areas are things like insecure wireless network setup, for example; anyone with an older “black” FIOS wireless router, using the default WiFi configuration, is using WEP encryption and can therefore be hacked into in a few minutes. Anyone interested in borrowing some internet service or browsing your personal network shares, can do so while exploiting printers and such.

Any time we change the wireless network setup for a home network it leads to the process of re-connecting the WiFi on the Wii,  Xbox, iPads, Phones, Blu-ray players and printers but it is well worth the effort to secure and simplify the wireless network.

In the case of advanced security measures for medium to large businesses, Mathis Consulting brings in high-level network security consultants to insure the jobs are managed with the appropriate care for advanced computer network security.

To reach the highest standards in network consulting we find that it is necessary to know our limitations and because of the intense complexity of network security and the billions of dollars that are poured into it every year we keep our focus narrowed down to core network consulting services.

Call us for an assessment of your computer network security 951-440-7600.

Hardware configuration, starting with firmware and BIOS updates

Creating a solid foundation for managed network services requires setting the stage from the bottom up. Often times, it is easy to jump straight into solving a network services problem at the program level. When your computers’ BIOS and operating system updates are not current and the network equipment and printer firmware has never been updated, you often waste hours on a problem that would have never been an issue had you worked your way up systematically. It is important to start from the BIOS & firmware and move up to the operating system updates, then to the program updates and finally to the end user issues.

Most printers regularly require firmware updates that solve problems and improve the overall features, security and compatibility of the machine. Wireless routers and other network equipment with old firmware can be temperamental, requiring more frequent power cycling and maintenance. In conclusion, spending an hour or two up front on foundational updates can save you a lot of time.

Our preference is to perform BIOS and Firmware updates during the initial network mapping, and then regularly on a yearly cycle.

Contact us today for a free quote to map your network and update the BIOS and firmware on each computer.

Network Disaster Recovery

Servers provide critical roles in many small and medium businesses ranging from the SQL server that drives your Dental Practice, to the management of permissions and policies across hundreds of users and computers. In addition to network security, it is essential that you pro-actively configure your servers and networks to match your needs and allow for the appropriate levels of disaster recovery. For some clients it is worth the cost to create VM Ware virtual server environments that allow instantaneous or very short transitions to alternate physical hardware within minutes. Other clients may only require a several hour or several day recovery time in a disaster.

Every business should carefully consider what level of disaster recovery they will require and utilize our managed network services to monitor the status of each server.

FAQs : Common Questions Related to Network Setup, Support and Security

What is the best way to setup a network printer?

It is best to connect to a wired Ethernet connection if possible or wireless if wired is not available. Set a static IP address on the printer to avoid moving print queue target. Once the printer is connected to the local network create your first queue, update the firmware, configure any FAX or scan options and then you are ready to add other computers.

What is the most common way to fix a network printer that won’t print?

After plugging it in and adding paper, the most common nearly fail proof solution is to unplug the printer (physically pull the cord out) thereby deleting all of the jobs in the print queue for that printer, and then plug it back in. In my experience that has been the solution about 95% of the time.

What should I do first when my internet goes down before I call you?

Unplug your router (and your modem if yours is separate from the router) wait about 15 seconds, plug in the modem first and then the router.

Why does my phone’s internet stop working at the same time my computer internet goes down?

Because you are still connected to the local wireless connection and your phone is set to use WiFi only when it is connected.  Once you disconnect from the WiFi you will be able to access the internet using the Mobile carrier.

Do you offer monthly network support plans?

They are included when you sign up for a maintenance contract for the servers and workstations in your business.

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