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Server Support, Server Management Services, Managed and Dedicated Server Support in Temecula, Murrieta and Beyond

Server Support, Server Management Services, Managed and Dedicated Server Support in Temecula, Murrieta and Beyond

Server management services are critical to the ongoing health of your business network and applications. Mathis Consulting takes a very clean approach to support, ensuring that your servers and backups run smoothly.

 Dell and HP Server Support

It is very common to find no name servers running mission critical applications in businesses. Moving forward however, we recommend that you order from a major brand. The biggest advantage of Dell server support is the speed that they can respond to you and replace failed hardware on-site. HP server support offers similar on-site solutions and they package it with software support. Both HP and Dell offer good driver and firmware support.

 Windows Server Support

It is important to consider the entire business in the way that you support a Microsoft server. The more clearly your goals are defined, the more efficiently your group policy and acceptably use policy can be used to protect your business and save you money.

The priority with Microsoft server support is to configure things as lightweight and clean as possible, allowing for simple, fast administration, a smaller more efficient backup footprint, with clean active directory groups and folder structures.

Ongoing windows updates, security updates and patch management schedules are necessary to keep your servers healthy. Mathis Consulting uses tools to push out your updates efficiently, on schedule and protect your assets.

Managed and Remote Server Support

Using the best remote support tools in the industry, allows Mathis Consulting to offer quicker response times and more cost effective maintenance schedules. No one enjoys sitting at their office over the weekend or in the middle of the night, but most times, nights and weekends are the best time to schedule maintenance and updates, so we use tools to push out those critical programs and updates during your down time.

Remote desktop tools have been very effective over the years in giving IT teams an instant way to access computers and quickly jump between servers and end user support.

Linux Server Support

For many applications, especially in the case of web servers, Linux provides very lightweight and fast server solutions that will far out perform a Windows server. Linux requires regular security updates and maintenance and in cases where you use it in conjunction with Active Directory or Open Directory it tends to require more ongoing time and effort than Microsoft server support.

If you are looking for server administration, maintenance and support give Mathis Consulting a call today: 951-440-7600.

FAQs : Common Questions Related to Server Support, Management and Maintenance

Do you offer services to help existing IT teams?

Yes, we frequently work in conjunction with companies who already have some form of IT support and just need help solving more difficult problems.

Do you support Apple Servers?

Yes, we have performed Apple server support in relatively large networks and it is straightforward. However, Apple is not currently producing server solutions that are as stable and scalable as Microsoft and Linux. In a predominantly Apple network it is best to use tools like Casper to manage the workstations.

Do you ever replace servers with hosted services?

Yes, in-house servers are becoming less and less necessary for SMB’s as huge companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft along with thousands of smaller companies are moving as fast as they can to dominate the software as a service market. We have removed servers out of many offices that simply did not need them anymore.

Do you offer a fixed maintenance or service plan?

Yes, after we initially clean up your servers we can offer a fixed monthly service and or maintenance plan.

Call Mathis Consulting for more information: 951-440-7600.


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